August is National Immunization Awareness Month.

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Our Voice on the Response.

On April 29, the FDA provided a court-ordered response to the citizen petition demanding they take action regarding the sale of mentholated tobacco products. This is a huge step in the right direction in continuing to save and protect Black lives! Get the replay of our press conference below.

Power & Immunity

A resource for understanding the COVID-19 vaccines.

Many Americans are still deciding if they will get the COVID-19 vaccine. We are proud to partner with American Lung Association to provide a science-based, factual guide called Better for It to help begin a conversation on how to make a well-informed decision about COVID-19 vaccination. Use Better For It as a supplement to your own research on the vaccines and to start a dialogue with your friends, physician, pastor, and family members. Share accurate information on social media. Get to know the contributions of African American scientists and public health advocates who are helping to bring this pandemic to an end.

No Menthol Listening Sessions Coming Soon.

The No Menthol Listening Session workshops are sponsored by the Panola County Branch of the NAACP, the Institute for the Advancement of Minority Health and the Center for Black Health Equity. During these in person workshops, presenters will discuss the harmful effects of menthol use and its impact on local the community.

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Black Body Health curates the most relevant news and resources in Black health and keeps you social. The podcast, featuring real talk and experts in health justice, drops every other Friday.

No Menthol Sunday, our faith-based observance day, engages leaders across the country in a discussion about menthol, tobacco and the impact on Black Americans.

State of Black Health Biennial Conference is the most compelling meeting in the nation that connects social justice with health equity solutions for African Americans.

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