Ep 09: Breast Cancer in the Black Community: A Survivor’s Story

Our guest on Episode 9, Dr. Barbara Pullen-Smith, was gracious enough to share her breast cancer journey with us. Dr. Barbara, as she likes to be called, shared that despite being a health professional, receiving her diagnosis was still an emotionally difficult thing to navigate.

Mammograms are a great tool to help screen for breast cancer but giving yourself breast exams is still recommended to catch things before cancer has a chance to grow.

She took control of her journey by asking her medical providers more in depth questions and staying connected to a network of support. Since there are differences in the experience of Black cancer patients and White cancer patients, listen in as we understand Dr. Barbara’s multi-faceted approach to healing from cancer.

Action is what Dr. Barbara says saved her life! Action to do a self exam. Action to follow up on her concerns with a doctor. Action to ask about treatment options. Action about connecting to support.

Her experience with breast cancer has led her to write a book to help other cancer patients to process their journey. Her book is called, The New Woman in the Mirror, where she chronicles her thoughts, feelings, and experiences. She looks into her life’s mirror and watches her transformation from hopelessness to wholeness. Explore areas in the book where you can enter your own reflections.

The author’s hope is that her story and this resource help others understand that they are not alone.