EP10: Public Health & Predatory Promotion

Trends don’t always develop organically. Sometimes the things we assume have naturally become trendy have actually been forced upon us by the predatory marketing practices from large industries that want to make money off of our Black lives. Big Tobacco’s push of mentholated products into Black neighborhoods is a primary example of predatory marketing. There are campaigns that market menthol products to Black consumers which result in the saturation of advertisements in local corner stores, heavy distribution of coupons, and co-opting our own culture and history to create the false perception of Black support.

There is nothing supportive about overloading the Black community with mentholated products. These products are known to be the leading causes of poor health outcomes within the Black community. Click here to learn how to fight for social justice and stand against menthol. Because they are not assaulted with nearly as many advertisements, predominantly white communities don’t suffer as badly from tobacco-related health problems as our communities do.

Check out episode 10 of Black Body Health the Podcast to learn how predatory practices and promotions affect the Black community–all for the sake of Big Tobacco’s profits.