EP21: Black Mental Health: More Than a Notion
It’s Minority Mental Health Awareness Month, but does the term “minority” still work for our current society?
Is the term BIPOC (Black or Indigenous people of color) that much better? Black Body Health podcast Host Aidil Ortiz and Dr. Nadia Robinson discuss these questions in this week’s podcast.
Dr. Robinson is the founder and executive director of No More Martyrs; a campaign working to support Black women and girls with mental health concerns. She and her team recently hosted their 5th Annual Minority Mental Health Awareness Summit. The platform allows for a diverse group of mental health advocates to engage and expand on the ongoing need for culturally responsive mental health services.
The world entered a pandemic while simultaneously entering a mental health crisis in 2020. However, specifically in the United States, Black people have had to live through police brutality protests and other racialized events that directly impact the Black community.
So as these Black people seek help, who do they turn to? Black people in the mental health field are found in low numbers and culturally responsive health services are not easily found either.
Listen to this episode to learn how these mental health advocates view the needs and progress related to Black mental health.
For details about the book mentioned in this podcast, click here: Misogynoir and Mental Health book