EP26: Critical Race Theory: Mending or Growing the Divide

Politicians and school boards around the country want critical race theory out of their systems. They are heading for an end to the “divisive subject” that focuses on the country’s racial history and problems.

Ironically, that is why critical race theory exists today.

The older generation fought for the civil rights of Black people but when it was time to experience the change, they noticed that the new policies missed the mark. In the 80s, as constitutional laws were failing the Black community, critical race theory was developed. CRT helps to explain how policy and laws institutionalize based on race and are often developed based on racist ideals. 

In other words, CRT helps to point out what is racist, remove it, and promote equity.

This week on Black Body Health The Podcast, Dr. Loren Saxton Coleman of Howard University helps to break this down even further.                                            

The associate professor says the word ‘race’ makes people uncomfortable so they try to suppress it and pretend it’s inflammatory language. “Racism is ordinary,” said Coleman; it interferes with all aspects of our society including housing, education and health.

Listen to Coleman and Aidil Ortiz explain why CRT is a tool needed to facilitate proper policy creation. What do you think about CRT? Email us at info@centerforblackhealth.org with your comments.