S.I.P & Share

A conversation about Uterine Fibroids from a Black woman’s lens.

What it’s all about:

The Center for Black Health & Equity and No More Secrets: Mind, Body, and Spirit Inc., invite you to join the conversation about an important, but rarely discussed issue, many Black women are dealing with: uterine fibroids.

Join us as we host healthcare providers, researchers, and wellness experts to explore this topic from the lens of Black women using a curated theme and activities (plus fun prizes) to guide the conversation.

You can expect to enter an inclusive space to share stories, advice, and resources to educate yourself (and others) of treatment options for optimal health, breakdown medical mistrust and bias when seeking help, and identify tools to help you advocate for yourself and support overall wellness.

Our Sessions:

  • October: “Fibroids, what can you do?” with guest Dr. Sharan Rahman, MD, MBA NCMP
  • November: “Is it because we are not valuable as Black women?:” Unpacking fibroid treatment disparities from Black women’s perspectives, and lessons learned for clinical practice.” with guest Brianna N. VanNoy, MPH
  • December: “Food as medicine in the prevention and healing of uterine fibroids.” with guest Chef Ahki Taylor

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