Health Justice Training Guide


Our Health Justice Training Guide

The fight for health justice or the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (for blacks in the Americas) started when the first enslaved Africans were chained in Africa by Europeans, well before they (Africans) stepped foot in the Americas in 1619. The heavy iron chains, worn by the enslaved, may have been lessened with the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863. Slavery was quickly replaced by a deepening cancer of systemic racism and the further  metastasis of white supremacy. Both contrived constructs bonding us together in a system that suppresses the advances of all people in America. 

Racism acts as the proverbial foot on the neck, holding our nation back from reaching her full potential, benefiting only a few. It tries to hide the truth that America has never been able to stand on her own without relying on the labor and misery burdened by the black and brown people she had underfoot. Free labor used to enrich a few served as the foundation for building the nation. 

Achieving justice in health requires a new narrative that acknowledges and understands the impact of the sins of the past, works in congruence to right those wrongs and lifts everyone together to achieve what was always the American ideal. 

This Health Justice Training Guide, available February 2022, will walk you through how a tobacco addicted Europe and their colonial suppliers drove racist ideology to justify slavery to support their habit, how African Americans were specifically targeted by Big Tobacco and continue to be targets today, how our health continues to be impacted by myths and stereotypes, and what we can do as a community collective to overcome it.